Matters Needing Attention in Using Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

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Carbonated beverage filling machine can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine according to filling principle.


The atmospheric filling machine is filled by liquid gravity under atmospheric pressure. This kind of filling equipment is divided into regular filling and volume filling two kinds, only suitable for filling low viscosity and gas-free liquids such as milk, wine, pure water, juice drinks and so on.

Carbonated beverage filling machine is higher than atmospheric pressure for filling, but also can be divided into two kinds: one is the pressure in the tank and the pressure in the bottle is equal, by the weight of the liquid into the bottle and filling, called isobaric filling; The other is the pressure in the tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, liquid by pressure difference into the bottle, high-speed birth. This method is often used in production lines. The pressure filling machine is suitable for filling liquid containing gas, such as beer, soda, champagne, carbonated beverage, soda water, etc.

Carbonated beverage filling equipment is filling under the pressure lower than atmospheric pressure in the bottle; This filling machine has simple structure, high efficiency and wide range of viscosity adaptability for materials, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine and so on.

Matters Needing Attention in Using Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine:

1. When filling, the total metering pump should be operated for about 3 minutes so that the bubbles in the pipe are exhausted and the filling quantity can be accurate.

2. If the bubbles in the pipe can not be removed for a long time, the filling quantity is not accurate. The main reason is a piece of air leakage in the pump passage. The piston seal ring in the cylinder block of the total metering pump, the silicone head in the upper and lower one-way valve and other joints can be inspected. If there is too much residue in the medicine, the check card will not close the one-way valve completely in the valve sheet, which will also cause the filling inaccuracy.

3. The carbonated beverage filling machine is equipped with the protection of bottle-missing stagnation. When there are only 2 pieces left in the tooling box in the bottle-arranging track, the automatic stop micro-switch is disconnected and the filling stops automatically. At this time, the trouble lamp is broken. If it needs to continue filling, the manual and automatic switch can be moved to the manual side, and the machine can run.