The equipment commonly used in the beverage production line has these

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The equipment commonly used in the beverage production line has these


The variety of commonly used equipment for beverage production lines is still relatively rich. Because different beverage production processes require different beverage production line equipment, some common equipment is necessary, and it is also the primary beverage machinery equipment produced by beverage production line manufacturers. Let's get to know these beverage machines. 

1. Water treatment equipment:

Clean water is the primary guarantee for the quality of beverages, so water treatment equipment is a common type of equipment, and there are many categories of it, one is water filtration equipment, the other is water softening equipment, and the third is water sterilization equipment.

2. Sterilization equipment:

Mainly includes three types: 

(1) sterilization equipment for fluid beverages;

(2) sterilization equipment for canned beverages;

(3) physical sterilization equipment using electromagnetic waves.

3. Automatic bottle washing machine:

There are jet bottle washing machine, soaking bottle washing machine and soaking and washing bottle washing machine.

4. Filling machine: 

It is mainly classified according to different pressures. Isobaric filling machines are often used in the filling of soft drinks, small champagne and beer; such as juice, milk drinks, and syrup in the secondary filling of soft drinks. , They do not contain carbon dioxide themselves, and generally use atmospheric pressure filling machines; negative pressure filling machines are mainly used for filling liquids without gas, such as juice and soda water filling machines.

The above are the four types of equipment that are very common in beverage production lines, and are also used more frequently. They are the necessary processing equipment for beverage processing. When purchasing, we must understand the product before making a decision , so that we can buy more suitable equipment.