What hygienic requirements should the three-in-one small bottle of mineral water filling machine comply with?

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The three-in-one bottle of mineral water filling machine is a rotary rinser, which is mainly used for rinsing new bottles of beverages, water and other products. The bottle is then sent to the filling machine for filling of the product. The PET bottle enters the equipment from the bottle-separating star wheel, the bottle mouth is clamped by the clamp and the turning mechanism, and the bottle mouth is turned down, rinsed with sterile water, drained, automatically turned over to the bottle mouth facing up, and transported to the filling machine through the bottle outlet star wheel. installed. The main structure of the equipment is in contact with the flushing medium and the external protective cover is made of high-quality stainless steel; open gear transmission. The brand new stainless steel clamp has simple structure and convenient adjustment; the contact area with the bottle mouth is small, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution to the bottle mouth.


Three-in-one small bottle of mineral water filling machine When the production of bottled water is large, an automatic bottle unscrambler can be selected. The bottle unscrambler and the filling machine are connected through the air duct, and the messy bottles are removed through the automatic bottle loading machine. It is sent into the bottle unscrambler, and the bottles are arranged in a straight line after being straightened out, and then enter the bottle inlet duct in turn, and enter the filling machine under the action of wind force, and the bottles are rinsed, filled, and capped in sequence.

When the output of bottled water is small, a semi-automatic bottle loading platform can be selected for manual bottle loading.

For the disinfection of bottle caps, we adopt the online bottle cap disinfection method, which replaces the traditional bottle cap disinfection cabinet. The bottle caps are sent to the cap sorting device through the automatic capping machine. In the bottle cap disinfection tunnel, through the internal wind system, the bottle caps move forward slowly, followed by disinfection, rinsing, and draining, and enter the capping device through the slideway to cap the filled bottles.

It is worth noting that the production needs to be carried out in a sterile room to avoid the entry of particles, impurities and bacteria in the production process of bottled water, so as to ensure the safety of each bottle of water.

Hygienic requirements for a three-in-one bottle of mineral water filling machine

In addition to complying with the general requirements of food production and personal hygiene requirements, operators should also abide by the following regulations:

  1. The air purification system, ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and air shower should be turned on 30 minutes before production to fully exchange the air in the workshop to ensure the air purification of the filling workshop;

  2. Before entering the filling workshop, you should change your work clothes in the secondary changing room and wash your hands carefully;

  3. When entering the filling workshop, you must pass through the air shower, purge the whole body, and enter the workshop through the decontamination tank;

  4. For normal production, other personnel unrelated to production are strictly prohibited from entering the purification workshop; the purification workshop should be kept tidy and clean, and other items unrelated to production shall not be brought into the workshop;

  5. After the production is over, the workshop should be cleaned up, the water stains on the equipment should be wiped off, and the purification system should continue to work for 30 minutes;

  6. After closing the air purification system, the doors and windows should be closed and the chlorine dioxide stock solution should be used for the workshop.