What should be paid attention to when buying a blow molding machine?

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The bottle blowing machine is mainly used for blowing the preform into finished bottles. The domestic bottle blowing machine can be divided into PET bottle blowing machine and other material plastic bottle blowing machines according to the different materials of the bottle blowing plastic. There is no unified domestic bottle blowing machine. Specifications and technical levels are also uneven. What should users pay attention to when purchasing a blow molding machine?


1. Output

When buying a blow molding machine, you should pay attention to the actual output of the blow molding machine. In the bottle blowing machine industry, the output of the blowing machine is divided into theoretical output and actual production output. Many manufacturers falsely report the theoretical output, and the output cannot be reached when the actual production is used. In addition, pay attention to the stable output of the blow molding machine. Some manufacturers open the machine at a high speed during the test machine. After a month, the equipment of the blow molding machine cannot bear the high load, and the failure rate increases. 

2. Stability

The stability of the blow molding machine is the core element of choosing a blow molding machine. Whether the blow molding machine can stabilize the production directly affects the production and profit of the enterprise . 

3. Bottle blowing process

There is no unified specification in the blow molding machine industry itself, and the design institutions are similar, but the core technology is still quite different. The blowing process is related to the design organization, technical ability, and process accuracy of the blowing machine. 4. After-sales service

After-sales service is also an important factor when choosing a bottle blowing machine manufacturer. Generally, the principle of proximity, but you still need to give priority to the above three principles, otherwise the equipment will not be able to produce stably, and after-sales service will not work, but a pain point in the blow molding machine industry is also After-sales service, some manufacturers promise after-sales service, but the after-sales service lags behind.

5. Energy consumption and after-sales maintenance costs

The level of production cost of an enterprise directly determines the final profit and sustainable development of the enterprise. When purchasing a blow molding machine, it is also necessary to consider the energy consumption of the blow molding machine and the after-sales maintenance cost.

Summary: The above are the precautions for users when purchasing a blow molding machine. When users consider purchasing a blow molding machine, they not only pay attention to the price of the blow molding machine, but also the output, stability, blowing technology, after-sales service, Maintenance cost is also a factor to consider when choosing a blow molding machine manufacturer.