Automatic Bottle Dryer For Beverages Before Labeling Automatic Bottle Dryer For Beverages Before Labeling

Bottle dryer is applied to dry the water outside beverage bottles so that the bottles can efficiently be labelled without adhesion.

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  • Product Description


Purpose and Features

The blow-dryer is an automatic air drying equipment combining the characteristics of uniform high wind speed of air knives and the automatic transmission device. It uses stainless steel air knives and with the matching design for the main body of drying material in the drying process, so as to achieve the purpose of timely air drying. Generally used in beverage bottles, beer bottles, cans, etc. 


1. Air drying machine adopts patent design wind knife. According to the principle of wind tunnel design, high speed wind is lead into special wind groove; with extremely fast wind to rapidly remove of water on the surface of the bottles/cans, and with lower power (high pressure fan with air knives-- rapid drying) instead of high power (electric heating-- oven drying and air compressor with nozzle - dry), avoid residual stain, more energy saving.
2. Blowing bottle/tank body, top, neck and the bottom of the air groove can be customized according to the customer's requirements, to make sure bottles being completely dried at a time, and thoroughly solve the bottle/can lids dry problem.
3. The air groove design adopts devices that can facilitate customers to adjust according to the diameter and height of bottles/cans. A system can meet the requirements of different specifications of bottles/cans, which can save funds of investment.
4. Wind groove and many other accessories are made of 304 stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements.
5. Special drainage and exhaust port to facilitate water diversion and exhaust.
6. The air duct is made of sound attenuation material and covered with transparent sound attenuation cover, which is not only convenient for monitoring but also can reduce noise.


 Working Principle

1. Using high-pressure fan for air supply, ensures the fast-moving air erupt through a slit, and dry the residual water on bottle as far as possible. The slit is set tilted to make the whole side of the bottle can be blown and dried.high-speed air blown.

2. High-speed wind enter stainless steel sealed furnace groove by tunnel effect, which can greatly improve and enhance the wind speed, make the wet water easier to blow dry. 

Meanwhile, eddy produced by vacuum pump is easy to make the air warmer (can change by 10-20), thus more effective to dry the bottle.

 Main Parameters:



Air knife

4 pcs


4 pcs

Air blower

2 pcs

Material of the air knife


Material of the frame


Material of the panel



Plastic glass window

Height of the air knife


Height of the equipment



110*500*1500 mm


 About 180kg


380V 3 phase, 50Hz