Automatic Rotary Accumulation Table For Beverages Automatic Rotary Accumulation Table For Beverages

Accumulation table is applied to temporarily collect finished products on a round rotary table before manual packing. It acts like a buffer, allowing workers to pack bottles not in a hurry time.

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Working process:

The machine is a disc-type upper bottle table. After beverages filled in, bottles will go to the conveying chain, and then the conveyor will directly send the bottles to accumulation for collection.


Main feature:

1. This machine is cooperated with the bottle conveying line.

2. 2. Not subject to bottle height, suitable for bottles of different heights.


Structural features:

This machine mainly consists of frame, motor, transmission parts, bottle tray, support legs and guard rails.

1. Adjust the foot screw to change the height of the frame and use it with the bottle line.

2. The guardrail is used to protect the bottle.

3. The bottles can be stacked on the bottle tray for the bottle to enter the bottle track.

4. It can be equipped with its own card bottle protection.


Technical data:




Working table diameter

Φ1000 mm

Capacity (b/h)


Speed based on worker effect

Bottle size (H×W mm)


Square bottle, flat bottle, round bottle

Power (kW)




220V, 3 Phase

Weight (kg)


Size (mm)


Height can be adjusted


The accumulation table can be redesigned and adjusted according to your request.