Aluminium Tin Can Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine Aluminium Tin Can Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine

This can filling and sealing machine adpots graviity filling principle, can be applied to carbonated drinks, juice and other drinks in can.

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  • Product Description


1. The machine design and manufacture of cans filling sealing equipment can be widely used juice cans and other beverage filling and sealing. The machine is compact, stable, attractive appearance.

2. The machine adopts bottle care delivery, so that the entire line conveyor relatively stable. PLC control, touch screen operation.

3. Filling principle is constant pressure filling, high-precision mechanical valve filling valve, filling speed, high level accuracy, realize there are tank filling, no tank is not filling. Adopt filling valve port guide Gato bottle lifting device combines structure, to ensure the stability of the tank when filling machine out from the maximum extent possible; cylinder filling worm gear box support using a jar lifter to meet different height; filling there cylinder into the liquid level float switch to ensure smooth.


Technical Features:

1) High-precision mechanical valve filling valve, filling speed, high level of accuracy.

2) Filling cylinder sealed cylinder 304 material designed

3) Filling valve flow rate of greater than 125ml / s.

4) The main drive toothed belt and gear box open drive combinations, high efficiency, low noise.

5) The main drive adopts frequency stepless adopts PLC industrial computer control; sealing machine and filling machine coupling connection, ensure synchronization of the two machines.

6) Having can filling, no cans no filling function.

7) The filling of vacuum filling, reducing exposure to air and the material, increase the filling speed to prevent dripping.

8) Sealing technology uses the full introduction of Switzerland (Rerrum) the company's technology.

9) Sealing rollers hardened alloy steel with high hardness (HRC> 62), sealing curves using optical curve grinding precision machining, to ensure the sealing quality. Bottle guide systems can be changed according to bottle.

10) The machine has had tanks under cover, no less than the tank lid control system to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


Main Technical Parameters




0-300 Cans/Min

Filling Temperature


Empty Cans Size


Empty Can Height


Applicable can type

200202206209 need to be changed



Filling valve flow rate


Compressed air consumption

0.05m 3/min (0.6mpa)