Bottle Reversing Sterilizer For Bottle Juice Bottle Reversing Sterilizer For Bottle Juice

The equipment is developed to match the hot filling beverage producing line. It makes products inclined, using the product own temperature to sterilize the cap for the second time.

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Bottle reversing sterilizer is specialy designed for high-temperature production lines according to the technical characteristics of hot filling. The equipment tilts the product after filling and sealing and uses the high temperature of products selves to sterilize the bottle cap within a certain period of time to ensure the quality of the products. The products are guided by two vertical chain plates in the process of conveying, which can automatically invert bottle, delay sterilization and allow bottles automatically stand up, making the whole process stable and reliable. In the process of sterilization, only the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap are sterilized by the high temperature liquid, without adding any heat source to achieve the purpose of energy saving.


Technical Parameters
Production Capacity4000bph500-2000mlPET Bottle
Effective Antiseptic time o1545s adjustable

Conveyor Speed020m/min
Bottle Reversing Angle90 degrees
Space between Bottles76.2mm
Applicable Bottle SpecificationsdiameterΦ50-Φ95 mmheight150-340 mm
Total Power Consumptionapproximately 2.2kw

Main VoltageAC-3-380V/50Hz

Net Weightaround 1500KG