How to Choose The Most Suitable Water Filling Machine

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Water is a big branch that inlcudes pure water, mineral water and soda water,etc. As a water manufacturing factory, choosing what kind of water filling machine has always been an essential problem.
The first step you must do before buying the bottled water filling system is that, you must go to test your water quality. Along with a water quality test report, you will be able to think about what kind of water filling machine to choose.
Rotary 3 in1 monoblock  water filling machine is used for PET bottles filling. The machine combines washing, filling and capping three function in a body, the whole process is automatic, suitable for PET bottle, plastic bottle. It can filling mineral water and pure water. Filling way using the gravity or micro pressure filling, make the speed is faster and more stable, so with the same model our machine output is higher and more efficient. The machine adopts advanced Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC) to control the machine to run automatically, interworking with inverter running more stable and reliable. the photoelectric sensor detect all part running state, with high degree of automation ,easy operation.

There are also 5 gallon water filling machine manufacturers in China. 5 gallon water bottle filling machine consists of washing, filling and capping, which is applied to the production of 3 or 5 gallon purified water and mineral water. The capacity can meet different production requirements from 100 to 2000 BPH.
The entire line includes the following optional equipment: Cap pulling machine, leak detection machine, brushing machine, automatic barrel loading device, washing / filling / capping three-in-one machine, barrel neck thermal machine, bagging machine, palletizer and etc.
Now have you got the idea on what kind of water filling machine to choose?