Transportation and maintenance of liquor filling machine

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       With the advancement of science and technology, the use of automatic filling machines is becoming more and more common. In order to deepen our understanding and use of automatic filling machines, let us understand the precautions for the transportation of liquor filling machines and how to maintain them!


  1. In order to maintain good reliability of the equipment, regular maintenance of the equipment is more important. One is to keep the equipment in good working condition; the other is to extend the service life. It should be noted that during maintenance and repairs, it should be carried out with downtime.

  2. The maintenance of the motor and reducer in the equipment should be carried out in accordance with the instructions.

  3. When cleaning the liquid bottle, drain the remaining liquid in the liquid bottle from the valve at the bottom of the liquid bottle, then inject 50-60 degree water from the liquid inlet pipe, clean the liquid bottle and filling valve, and then drain the liquid bottle the remains.

  4. In terms of equipment transportation, you can use cars, trains and ships for transportation.

  5. If the packing box needs to be moved during transportation, it should be carried out according to the markings on the surface of the box, without tilting or bumping.

  6. During transportation, forklifts of more than 2 tons should be used for shoveling and handling. When the lifting angle is less than 55℃, it should be protected by rubber or wooden boards. When hoisting, it should be stable, and the equipment should not be tilted or hit.

  7. When the hydraulic cylinder is used for short-distance transportation, the inclination should not be greater than 10 degrees, and the foot adjustment screw should not touch the ground.

  8. The temperature of equipment filling liquid should not exceed 90℃.