Maintenance and maintenance of reverse osmosis system

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Maintenance and maintenance of reverse osmosis system


1. General maintenance

1. Frequently use neutral detergent to scrub the surfaces of equipment and pipe fittings to keep the system hygienic and clean.

2. After the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems stop running, the RO membrane and UF membrane should be kept moist.

3. When the mechanical filter and the activated carbon filter are in operation, the upper and lower pressure gauges should be backwashed when the difference between the readings of the upper and lower pressure gauges is greater than 0.1Mpa (it is recommended that the mechanical filter is backwashed once a day, and the activated carbon filter is backwashed every two to three days)

4. When hardness appears in the effluent of the ion exchanger, forced regeneration should be carried out in time.

5. Frequently observe the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water of the 5U precision security filter, and clean and replace the filter element in time. 

6. Clean the raw water tank, flow meter and salt bucket regularly to keep it hygienic and clean.

7. Under standard conditions, the RO performance is 10% off the shelf , or when it is obvious that RO membrane fouling or fouling occurs, the RO membrane should be chemically cleaned in time.

8. Check whether the indicator light and the electromagnetic radiation are normal every day.

2. Carry out maintenance once a year.

1. All motors are cleaned;

2. Replace the sealing rings of all water pumps;

3. Check and maintain all valves, so that all valves can be opened and closed freely without leakage;

4. Lubricate all parts that need to be lubricated;

5. Purified water storage tanks and pipelines are cleaned and disinfected;

6. Clean the water jet and activated carbon mesh screen.

Third, replace accessories regularly 

 1. Each 3 exchange in a secondary quartz sand.

 2. exchange annually 1 times activated carbon.

3. Add year 1 regenerations resin.

  4. Replace the RO membrane every two or three years .

  5. Regularly check all measuring instruments and meters to ensure correct and strict measurement.