What is the function of the blending tank on the fruit juice beverage production line?

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Blending tanks are generally used tank equipment on juice beverage production lines. The production needs of beverages are blended and mixed. Therefore, there will be a blending system on the beverage production line, and the blending tank is the primary equipment in the blending system. The beverage blending system is composed of auxiliary material tanks, blending tanks, various inlet and outlet pipes and cleaning pipes. The first thing is to complete the blending of the raw materials in the beverage.


 Beverage blending is an important step in beverage production, and the blending process will directly affect the quality and taste of the beverage. The blending system on the beverage production line generally consists of two auxiliary material tanks, two blending tanks, various incoming and outgoing material pipelines and cleaning pipelines. There are two inlet valves on the auxiliary material tanks, two auxiliary material outlet valves, and a sanitary delivery pump. And two cleaning return valves, there are four feed valves (juice, syrup, auxiliary materials and water respectively), two discharge valves, a sanitary delivery pump and a cleaning return valve on the mixing tank. When blending, the system inputs syrup and fruit juice according to the formula, then inputs auxiliary materials and pure water, and then stirs and mixes regularly. There will be multiple blending systems in more complex blending processes. The specific installation process requirements are confirmed according to the actual production situation.

 In addition to the need to use the mixing tank in the mixing system, the beverage production line also needs to use the mixing tank in the material system. In the material system, it is necessary to use a mixing tank to mix syrup. When mixing syrup, it is necessary to input hot water into the jacket of the mixing tank for heating, which is convenient for the dissolving and mixing of the syrup. The mixing of the syrup only needs to input the syrup into the mixing tank for circulation. .

  The blending tank plays a very important role in multiple systems on the beverage production line, and is one of the indispensable equipment on the beverage production line.