What are the advantages of a liquor filling machine?

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The whole liquor filling machine adopts the integrated design of automation, adopts PLC, photoelectric, touch screen and other high-quality components, which makes the machine operation and adjustment convenient; the man-machine interface adopts novel automatic control technology to achieve high-precision filling.

Food grade stainless steel production, beautiful appearance. At present, it is widely used in the quantitative filling of low-viscosity gas-free liquids such as liquor, beverages, condiments, and medicinal liquids.


Compared with traditional filling machines, liquor filling machines have many advantages, the main performances are:

1. The bottle holder has no lifting movement, and the operation is stable;

2. When filling, the bottle mouth does not contact the electronic valve head and will not be polluted;

3. The lower blocking structure is adopted, and there is no dripping phenomenon;

4. The filling nozzle adopts a damping flow channel, which reduces the impact when the liquid column is injected into the bottle, and the wine is not easy to bubble and overflow;

5. At the end of filling, the filling valve is sealed by blocking, so that the liquid can be shut off in time without dripping;

6. The mechanical and electrical integration products with a high degree of intelligence are displayed on the Simplified Chinese color screen, and the filling amount can be easily adjusted and the adjustment range is large.